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*IMPORTANT* This is for the purchase of TAPE ONLY. If you are new to facial taping I would highly recommend purchasing the tape and e-book package first. Please see this option availible under the products section on my online store.

What Is Facial Taping?
Kinesiology Face Taping is a non-invasive method to improve the natural function of the skin. Face taping is a brilliant natural alternative for those wanting to
avoid injectables, such as Botox.

How Does It Work?
Kinesiology tape mimics the natural structure of our skin. When the tape is strategically applied to the face it creates a slight lifting effect to the epidermis, creating vital space within the skin's layers. This space allows for natural healing to take place by enabling optimal blood flow, a boost in circulation, lymph flow and oxygen and nutrients. When there is circulation and flow within the skin, the skin rejuvenates and regenerates more quickly. Kinesiology face taping hosts a number of benefits. Softening fine lines and wrinkles, easing muscle tension, improving lymphatic flow, de-puffs as well as bringing awareness to our facial expression and preventing sleep wrinkles.

The tape is made from a thin, flexible material that is designed to gently stretch and contract with the natural movements of the face. This tape does not block facial movement! We do not want that - we want to create flow and movement within the skin. Having said that, when the tape is applied it does make us more conscious and aware of unnecessary facial expressions (EG frowning and overusing our forehead).

Asiamed Cotton Kinesiology Tape is a high-quality tape that is latex free and hypoallergenic. The permeable nature of this tape makes it ideal for use in face taping and each roll of tapes is 5 metres long.

Now all that's left to do is choose a colour, then sit down with a cuppa and enjoy reading through the e-book before you get sticking!

Enjoy! Love Carelle...x

*IMPORTANT* Please ensure you do a patch test before using the tape to ensure it is safe for you to use. It is important to refer to the contraindications in the FAQ section of this site before purchase. By making a purchase, you agree to have read through these first and accept your suitability for these techniques.